Nucleic acid extraction system

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Product introduction1.1 Appearance


Figure 1-1 Nucleic acid extraction instrument

1.2 Product model and specifications

Product name: nucleic acid extraction instrument

Number: hero32

Regulation grid:

Electricity source






1.3 Features


Screen operation

7-inch Android system touch screen, easy to use and fast response

Precise control

Built-in android system, wireless connection to personal computer, stand-alone operation, providing stable automatic control system

Multi-mode operation

Scan code, list, shortcut, view

temperature control

Customized lysis and elution temperature according to requirements

Free programming

Powerful grade editing function to meet different reagent needs

Fast extraction

Short operating time, 30-60 minutes (related to reagents), high throughput, and 32 samples can be extracted at the same time

Extraction efficiency

The purification scheme can be optimized according to different reagents to achieve higher extraction efficiency and purity

Stable and reliable

The whole process is automated to avoid differences and errors caused by manual operations, and the results are stable and repeatable

Pollution prevention and control

Built-in UV disinfection function, can be disinfected regularly to prevent cross-contamination

Safe and reliable

The program will be tentatively run automatically after it is safely opened, and the program can continue to run after the safety door is closed to avoid injury

Reagent open

Extraction with reagents from various manufacturers




1.4 Product performance index


Processing volume


Sample throughput


Magnetic bead recovery

Greater than 95%

Orifice plate type

96-well deep well plate

Extract the difference between wells

CV is less than 3%

magnetic Baton

32 pieces

Heating temperature

Optional heating module (room temperature to + 120 )

Shock mixing

Multi-level adjustable

Reagent type

Magnetic Bead Open Platform

Extraction time

30-60 minutes / time (depending on the reagent used)

Operation interface

Full Chinese Android system touch operation

Internal procedures

Can store> 500 programs

Program management

New, edit, and delete mode programs

UV irradiation




 1.5 The main structure

It consists of a casing, a mechanical movement mechanism, an ultraviolet sterilization mechanism, a lighting lamp, a heating and temperature control mechanism, and a control system.

1.6 Scope of application

It is widely used in routine scientific research, genomics, food safety, disease diagnosis, forensic identification and other fields.

Using this instrument, you only need to add samples and magnetic bead method automatic nucleic acid extraction reagents to 96-well plates, select or edit the appropriate program and execute it. With different types of magnetic bead method nucleic acid extraction reagents, you can quickly extract animal and plant tissues, DNA and RNA in samples such as blood, body fluids, and criminal materials.

Installation and use instructions2.1 Installation

2.1.1 Open box to check

After opening the hero32 nucleic acid extraction instrument package, the user accepts the contents of the box according to the packing list (the parts in the box include: hero32 nucleic acid extraction instrument host, power cord, nucleic acid extraction instrument instruction manual, packaging bag, certificate, packing If you find that the item is damaged or missing, please contact our company or our authorized dealer. Please keep the original

Starting packaging material.

2.1.2 Place the instrument

This instrument is only suitable for indoor installation, and the room is well ventilated, no corrosive gas, and no strong magnetic field interference. Do not place the instrument in a humid or dusty place; do not place the instrument on a soft pad, so as not to fall into the pad and Block the ventilation openings below; the openings on the instrument are provided for ventilation and heat dissipation. Do not place the instrument close to the wall or stack other objects.

Do not block or cover these ventilation holes. When the instrument is running, the distance between the ventilation holes of the instrument and the nearest object should not be less than 25cm, so as not to affect the heat dissipation; do not use the instrument in direct sunlight, and keep away from heating, stoves and everything else.

2.1.3 Instrument grounding

In order to avoid electric shock, the input power cord of the instrument must be reliably grounded. This instrument uses a three-core plug, which can only be used

Use with this model power socket, this is a safety device.

2.1.4 using electric

a. Power requirements

Before connecting the AC power supply, make sure that the voltage of the power supply is equal to the voltage required by the instrument (tolerance of ± 10% is allowed), and that the rated load of the power outlet is not less than the requirements of the instrument.

b. Pay attention to the power cord

This instrument should usually use the power cord that came with it. If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced without repair. When replacing it, you must use the same type and specifications of the power cord instead. Do not put anything on the power cord during use. The power cord is placed where people move around.

c. Plug and unplug the power cord

When plugging and unplugging the power cord, be sure to hold the plug. When inserting the plug, make sure that the plug is fully inserted into the socket. Do not pull the power cord hard when pulling out the plug.

2.2 Instructions for use

2.2.1 Working environment requirements

Considering the safety and performance reasons of the instrument, the environment in which the hero32 nucleic acid extraction instrument is installed and the working environment of the instrument should meet the following scientific conditions:

a. Non-explosive environment;

b. The general working environment temperature is 10℃ ~ 40℃. If the temperature requirements of the experiment are high, the ambient temperature of the instrument must be 20℃~ 30℃;

c. The relative humidity should be less than 80%.

2.2.2. Preparation for use

! Note:

After the instrument is installed, before turning on the power, be sure to open the door to remove the two Phillips screws fixed on the stirring sleeve, then turn on the power, close the front door, and turn on the power.

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